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Welcome to your new MacBook

Welcome to your new laptop. Please remember to treat it with care and respect at all times and use it in a way that reflects our Medbury values. Take it home in the sleeve, within your bag... do not leave it unattended (out in open view) inside your house, at school or in cars.

There are three important to-do's and a number of tips below as you start to use your new MacBookPro.

  1. Register the Applecare warranty for your laptop under your parents name here. You can check that it is registered properly using this tip.
  2. Check that insurance for the laptop is all setup with your parents.
  3. Discuss with your parents Internet and game use at home so that you are great Digital Citizen who is Cyber-Safe and also balanced in your lifestyle. (We will be holding a session for parents this term on the use of K9 so that they can have Internet filtering on your laptop at home).
Other To-Dos
  1. Label the STIM cover with a stitched label or a tag on the Zip
  2. Decide if you would like a skin for your laptop (they can be purchased here, and on other sites) BUT you must have any with significant design/pattern or your own design on them approved first (i.e. these need approval) by your teacher or the ICT Director. Note that some types have cutouts for the Apple logo to shine through and others don't.
Becoming an Advanced User
  1. How to videos are found here.
  2. A manual for your MacBook Pro 13" is here
  3. More Tips here
  4. More Tips to become an advanced user are found here
  5. Our  homepage for the 1:1 Blog is here
    Other Thoughts
    • You cannot create any other accounts on this computer as your account does not have administration rights. If you wish to do so take your laptop to ICT Support, knowing the names of the accounts you wish to create. DO NOT let anyone else know your password other than your parents.
    • You can become an administrator of your own computer by passing the I.C.T. Pupils Drivers Licence (see it here), but this will take a bit of time. Passing this can hep you achieve your Bronze ICT Achievement badge AND in joining the ICT Crew.


    First day - ICT Laptops Top Tips

    You have been trusted with an amazing tool! One of the best racing car tools in I.C.T. has just been given to a young driver. Why? Because we see incredible learning potential in your laptop, if you pick up your ict and learning skills and bring the Medbury values to your use of it.
    Check out our top tips to get your racing car moving! Feel free to write your top tip in the comments section below.

    Top Training Tips to get started on the FAST track

    • Use the trackpad correctly. This will mean you will be faster in use and free up your other hand to use hot (quick) keys.
    • If you are doing the same thing over and over ask, "Is there a quicker way?"
    • Learn the hot keys...
    • Setup your dock with your favourite programs.
    • Setup your finder window with your favourite folder shortcuts.
    • Figure out how to make folders, save bookmarks in folders... organise with power from day 1.
    • Treat your laptop to daily care, charge it for the school day (don't overcharge and allow it to drain) and BACKUP today (if your laptop fails or is stolen your backup is the only way to get your files back).
    • Set yourself a goal on your touch-typing BUT only do it if you are going to train yourself correctly "Fingers on home keys and eyes on screen only". (the TIPP10 program in Applications will help you). 
    • Check out the "Laptop Pupil's Licence" in the "ICT Ladders for Badges" resource and decide today to head towards Expert GOLD in this.
    • Setup the security feature on your laptop - see the picture below(do not use filevault)
    • Have fun, ask questions, learn and help others to learn.

    Set up your laptop security today!

    There are help videos that can be found here also.