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.Kiwiana Culture of Kiwi New Zealand
Kiwiana is made up of the objects, symbols, language, and cultural views that make up the special identity that New Zealanders have. Different groups of New Zealanders will identify more strongly with various kiwiana. The interesting thoughts are what are the ones held most strongly by more people and people groups.

It will be interesting to explore ideas of how new immigrants to NewZealand view Kiwiana, and what are the 'ana" that could be identified in the country they come from.

Inspiration Mindmaps Inspiration Mindmap to get your ideas going. This is available in JPEG and original Inspiration file format (Note: not fully laid out so you can use it with pupils who need more support). You can get pupils to compete it.. move around ideas, even delete some if you wish to make it more difficult. Kiwi Experience Mindmap

Kiwiana NZ Information What are these Icons of New Zealand? Find out for yourself what Kiwiana is or isn't! Available as Word file (zipped)

Kiwiana Online Activities Geological and Early Maori online cloze exercises

Kiwiana Online Bookmarks Series of screened links from the Internet. Favourites-favorites covering and range of information, integrated unit plans and other sub-topics within Kiwiana. Links to other thematic units that can also integrate with the topic. NZ History, Maori Culture in NZ, Kiwi Clipart, Samoans In New Zealand: NZ Statistics, Australiana (compare the two)

Kiwiana Early NZ Unit Integrated unit for Early Canterbury study

Kiwiana Banner Check out our banner for this topic. Check out our banner for this topic. Clicking on this link will take you to banners section. Register free here to get your free download.

Kiwiana Science Celebrate Kiwi scientists. Check out the latest news by searching for kiwi scientists in the news….is there a common pattern to what they are doing or achieving?

Kiwiana Social Studies Put together Powerpoint presentations, digital camera pictures and Video with other display items from your unit.. voile.. a show!

Kiwiana Health & P.E
Still Coming

Kiwiana Technology Celebrate Kiwi Technologists and become one yourself (to come)

Kiwiana Maths Measurement Practical graphing, measuring, weighing, volume will all be covered in such a unit.
Statistical analysis of information. See database above.

Kiwiana Gallery Icons as contributed by schools and other individuals. (See also Kiwiana Information). Send us digital pictures of your experiences, with a short descriptive paragraph, and we will put them on line

Kiwiana Art Looking at art across the "Kiwi" cultures. Check out the stamps in the art section of Kiwiana, and the Maori Cultural links. Use Timeframes, National Library of New Zealand Home Collection to look for further images and text.

Kiwiana English/Language Ideas & links Take some common words and look at the many ways they can be said in celebrating the cultures of New Zealand (to come)

Kiwiana Music/Drama/Dance See integrated unit. Summarise aspects of knowledge learned in a drama/video re-enactment See Kiwi Kid Songs 1-9 (Learning Media Resource in each school). Invitation to a Kiwiana Show.
Check out the Folklore site for music.

Kiwiana Daily Activities Here

Kiwiana Teacher/ Learning Resources

Kiwiana Community Links any business involved in any of the areas above. Video: Locate this video in your local library- Kiwiana : Kiwi as! [NZ popular culture] Shirley Horrocks 1996 97/4 (MFA) CL
National Library: Use Timeframes, National Library of New Zealand Home Collection to look for further images and text.

Kiwiana Clipart Kiwiana history is found within the actual items that have become 'Kiwiana' themselves. Each item as its own piece of history and together they bring colour, flavour and memories to our mind today. See kiwiana images here.

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A range of clipart to use (icons and kowhaiwhai).
Kiwiana Resources and Information
Kiwiana Thematic Unit
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