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This is our developing page covering learning objects. A simple definition of learning objects is that they are small, self contained interactive learning activities that involve clear learning strategies and outcomes and can be placed with other learning objects to form a deeper learning experience.
A learning resource is for example not a webquest (too long and wide ranging).
If possible a learning resource will contain these elements:
The resources we have posted below have all been created with Hot Potatoes software which is freely downloaded. Each of these exercises tracks each user and marks them over the session. As yet we do not have a way for you to link them together in a true learning object fashion as we do not employ metadata or SCORM standards... but they are interactive learning objects.


Quizzes, cloze and activities on canopy, rainforest, discovery. Also see "Rainforest" in2edu's integrated thematic units here.
A series of interactive activities learning about the life cycle of a spider (goes with life-cycle super thematic unit). Includes flash presenation(.swf) on the life cycle of a spider.
Early Canterbury
The journey of the Early Settlers and Early Polynesians (Maori) to New Zealand. Conext is 'Early Canterbury'
STEPS information Literacy Skills
A series of interactive activities designed to help scaffold the information literacy skills of pupils. (Keywords, Main Ideas etc.)
Te Reo (Maori)
Body Parts English to Maori Online Interactive
deBono 6Hats Thinking Hats
Name Hats, 6 Hats Interactive Activity Simple, 6 Hats Harder. Three interactive activities that will help skill pupils in the use of the 6 Thinking Hats (copyright de Bono)
Online Interactive, cloze, matching exercises, learning objects