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Simple Machines is the main learning context but this theme can be widened to include ideas from our "Systems" and "Transport" super theme.
You can also get pupils to either work in areas that suit their "multiple intelligence" or "learning style" by selecting the appropriate activity. Remember, though that it is important for pupils to be exposed to a number of learning styles/ intelligences.

Keep in mind that these are integrated resources, always look for the connections, the sense of wonder, and let them get thinking!

Inspiration Mindmaps

Simple Machines Online link
s Series of hand-screened links from the Internet. Links covering and range of information, integrated unit plans and other sub-topics within this theme. When you visit the favourites collection page, type in "simple machines" to get the best links. Star rating or *** or **** and rarely ***** are either the newer or better sites.

Simple Machines Science

Simple Machines Social Studies Put together Powerpoint presentations, digital camera pictures and Video with other display items from your unit.. voile.. a show!

Simple Machines Health & P.E
Still Coming

Simple Machines Technology Create a technology challenge of a vehicle for a certain situation. i.e. mission to Mars, floating paper boat, balloon powered boat. Assemble Simple Machines out of Lego etc. Create a Simple Machines using ideas from here.

Simple Machines Maths Measurement: Practical graphing, measuring, weighing, volume will all be covered in such a unit.
Statistical analysis of information. See database above.

Simple Machines Gallery Send us digital pictures of your experiences, with a short descriptive paragraph, and we will put them on line.

Simple Machines Art Look at how an artist gets an eye to "flow" around a page from the central point, through use of colour, texture, shape, size and position. This will lead on to elements of graphic design/ art that can be used within reporting back in other areas of the unit.

Simple Machines English/Language Ideas & links Still coming

Simple Machines Music/Drama/Dance See integrated unit. Summarise aspects of knowledge learned in a drama/video re-enactment

Simple Machines Daily Activities Still Coming

Simple Machines Community Links:
any business involved in any of the areas above.