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Cultures of the World Comparisons and Connections
Around the world and in NZ with the theme Theme: "Same but Different." Easy to adapt to your own needs and your own country.

Culture Inspiration Mindmaps See files in the culture visuals.

Culture Words multicultural, civilization, society, way of life, lifestyle, customs, traditions, heritage, habits, ways, mores, values, diversity

Culture Questions Does culture turn people into robots? Who /What influences me to be me? What are the major changes in your culture recently? How does culture affect our life? What are the consequences of this?... (so what?) What are the 5 major changes to my culture in the last decade? What technology influences culture change? How do cultures change? (over time, vehicle of change) How much does money (your socio-economic background) affect the culture you grow up with? Do all families have the same strength of culture? If so what makes them the same/different? How does culture affect a person? Can a school, club etc have a culture? Do symbols really tell us about what people feel or are they a stereotype? What is a gang culture? What is globalization of culture? How did this experience change your opinion of different cultures? Be specific. Why is it important to respect and tolerate people's culture? How can our class use this information about culture, to resolve any future conflicts? If you were placed in an entirely different culture, what parts of your culture would you “forget/lose” first? Name a particular quality that you think is difficult to understand in another culture? Why? Looking at a third world culture being challenged by a first world one.. what recommendations for allowing sensible change would you make? Does a culture keep people in poverty? Does a culture stop people from keeping up with or in contact with the outside world? If everyone doesn’t speak the same language how Is culture affected by what gender we are? What is a native culture? What specific aspect of your culture do you most appreciate and never want to lose? Why are differences seen, sometimes, as bad or wrong? What is your culture? Describe the geographic location (climate, natural resources, etc.) of your culture. Who were the early inhabitants of this region? What were some of their contributions to the contemporary culture? What are some of the important traditions and ceremonies in this culture? Describe at least three of them in detail. How are the people in your culture governed? Explain how laws are made, who enforces them and how disputes are settled. What are the important religions in your culture? Explain some of their basic philosophies, beliefs, sacred objects and how they worship. What are some of the recreational activities that people in your culture enjoy? Describe at least three of them in detail. What is school like in your culture? Explain how people in your society learn to do new things. What languages are spoken in your culture? Are there any sacred languages? What kinds of writing do they use? Are men and women treated differently in your society? In what ways? Are there things that one group can do which are forbidden to the other group? If you sending a mission to meet aliens what cultural item or photo of one would you send? These aliens can touch an item and sense the meaning and cultural significance of the item. Who are 5 influential persons from your culture? What are/were their major contributions? If you could create your own culture what would be the top ten things you would have in it? Personality is not part of culture, but does it affect culture or the way we interact with culture?
TOP 10 What is What foods do they eat? Why? How does it reflects their culture? Does their technology influence their culture How does the land weather affect the culture? Does the colour of skin affect culture why/How? How does housing shelter affect/reflect culture? What 3 things about the culture keep them in their country? How does their education affect/reflect culture? How do plants animals reflect/affect culture? How does sport reflect/affect culture? Do the laws and punishments reflect their culture? Does the size of population affect culture? Does the culture have special ways of traveling? How open is your culture to recognising and appreciating other cultures? If you are a more open culture does this mean you lose your own culture more quickly?

Culture Information Also see our thematic unit "Kiwiana" and "Celebrations". If you are wanting to simplify the topic for younger pupils then you could use the birthday resources that we have posted under the culture visuals on the right of this page

Culture Online Activities None

Culture Online Bookmarks Series of screened links from the Internet. Links covering and range of information, integrated unit plans and other sub-topics within this theme. When you visit the collection page type in "life-cycle/culture" or keywords of the "circle-of-life/culture" topic you would like i.e. india" to get the best links. Star rating or *** or **** and rarely ***** are either the newer or better sites.

Culture Unit Integrated unit See also Google Doc Here

Culture Banner Check out our banner "Same but Different" for this topic. Register free at and download from the Social Sciences section here on the page

Culture Science None

Culture Social Studies (Sciences) Put together Powerpoint presentations, digital camera pictures and Video with other display items from your unit.. voile.. a show!

Culture Health & P.E Approach refugees in your community. Possibly an interview with one to explore issues of assimilation and culture in a new setting and the problems that can arise. What could the class do to improve one refugee families situation? Work with any helper organisations if they have any so you get appropriate advice and thoughts first.

Culture Technology Create a technology challenge of inventing and promoting a new food for a particular culture (it should be based on traditional or traditional modern versions of food in that culture.

Culture Maths Measurement: Practical graphing, measuring, weighing, volume will all be covered in such a unit.
Statistical analysis of information. See database above.

Culture Gallery Send us digital pictures of your experiences, with a short descriptive paragraph, and we will put them on line.

Culture Art Use the theme of same but different in your art.. light-shadow, having some consistency but yet surprises in your art, a diversity of shapes. Look at how an artist gets an eye to "flow" around a page from the central point, through use of colour, texture, shape, size and position. This will lead on to elements of graphic design/ art that can be used within reporting back in other areas of the unit.

Culture English/Language Ideas & links Still coming

Culture Music/Drama/Dance See integrated unit. Summarise aspects of knowledge learned in a drama/video re-enactment

Culture Daily Activities Still Coming

Culture Teacher/ Learning Resources

Community Links Any business involved in any of the areas above.
Culture Thematic Unit Connections
Culture Visuals and Resources