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Top Tips for ICT Professional Development
  • Tie all ICT development to learning, integrated learning, using key competencies. An important strategy is to work with the other key curriculum area leaders.
  • Foster a spirit of "having go" Celebrate those who try thing on their own.
  • Foster an attitude of life-long learning. That we can learn from each other, that there is likely to be someone who could help me with my problem and so learning it is OK to ask.
  • Create an ICT Crew, pupils that have the skills, key competencies to do "just in time training" of others.
  • Work out the gatekeepers in your school, those that will stop development and those that will be early adopters. Work with sensitivity around the first and with the second group by sharing with them. Early adopters in my school get the rewards of better equipment. Those that have a go get newer equipment. Spread ideas or new initiatives through early adopters to others so the early adopters can train and enthuse others. Look to get something started, celebrate and then learn new things about the tool.. always be relevant. Remember, research shows that unless your principal is on board then you are probably wasting your time.
  • Deal to day to day frustrations by having a good imaging and troubleshooting system in your school. Work out which things need your immediate attention. In our school it is systems of communication first, day to day problems second.
  • Purchase systems and equipment that are reliable. Steer away from more unstable operating systems (i.e. Windows 7 is way better than Vista, MacOSX is fantastic)

ICT Support Help Sheets and Tip Sheets

Choose from the list of resources following the ones that will be of help to you in your training. We try to build help sheets that are a one page reminder of the main aspects that you need to learn about a program, after you have had some initial training in its use. Post resources online in an easy to.

If you are wanting more comprehensive help then training teachers and pupils to use the online help that is available within each program is crucial. To use online help effectively users need to be trained at using keywords effectively to search for what it is they are looking for.

Most of the files below are in a .pdf format (adobe reader required). Others are .xls= Excel, .ins = Inspiration (Mind Mapping software). Some files have been zipped and require programs like Winzip or Stuffit to decompress them. (Further information on these is found here)

Happy use and always love emails of other resources or comments.

Looking for resources to support the training of pupils and teachers in ICT? This section is all about the help and tip sheets that I have built up over time.There are a number of non-platform specific resources, although many of my more recent help sheets reflect the work that myself and my schools ICT Crew have put together in an Apple OS/ Mac OSX environment. Also check out the:

Integration of ICT in Curriculum

Arts & ICT, Maths & ICT, Science & ICT
Digital Cameras and Science,
Program/ ICT Equipment Guides Digital Camera_video.pdf, Digital Camera- Video Camera Tips, MovieMaking Tips.pdf, Variety of Storyboards.pdf, Simple Storyboard, Using CT.pdf
General ICT Guides Saving.pdf,
Training Staff Sessions
Making Changes in Learning.ins, Motivation & Relationships (their importance in professional development), Multimedia Workshop.pdf, School Development.pdf, Training Kit (mix of zipped files), Why use ICT?.pdf

Training Staff
Presentations delivered by the site author ICT & Social Studies presentation 2003 (full descriptions this page)
More Free Resources
ICT Professional Resources