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Respect: It Starts With You!
Integrated Values and Divinity Presentation: Divinity/Religious Instruction
LO's for Respect: 
  • Distinguish between respectful and disrespectful behaviour.
  • Learn that disrespectful behaviour can have serious consequences.
  • Develop respect for individual differences in people.
  • Discover that the way to gain self-respect is to behave in ways that make you feel good about yourself.
  • Recognise that you are responsible for your own behaviour, that respect begins with you.
  • Understand that everyone wants respect, and that when they give respect, they tend to get it back in turn.
LO's for Values:
  • That values help us to stand tall and strong when others fall over.
  • That values enable us to become people who can lead.
  • That we can see different points of views (POV) about values.
Meaning and Root Words
What can you discover about this word? 
Respect Quotes
Great Respect Videos/Media

Health and Values Education Posters Banners and Resources
Media Questions
Use less than 30 words to retell the important message of your chosen video?
  • Why not create a short media item (picture or movie and upload to our Media Gallery Competition for this topic.)
  • Write in your blog about how you show or give respect at home and school. What could be your next step in respect?
  • Why not write a guest blog for the school or class blog? Just spot someone showing respect and write about it. Send it to Mr Grieve for checking and publishing.
  • How can I show (take action with) respect at home, school (class and playground) and with myself?
  • How does respect connect with your school-wide year theme? Write a paragraph about this.
  • Take a Picture - Create a short 30sec video - a movie trailer Upload these to our media gallery on the topic of respect. A picture can say a thousand words apparently - maybe even one from your class activity.
  • Look at the Respect Quotes below. Pick one for a poster. Can you add items that will illustrate this quote further?
  • Bring in articles from newspapers and magazines describing situations in which respect or disrespect are issues. Talk/write about who is acting respectfully, and who is acting disrespectfully in these situations.
  • Do a PMI on respect.
  • Add to the Discussion. Look right and add your own vote and great comments to our feedback area.
  • Music: Create a short piece of music telling a tale of inclusiveness. Write or narrate an explanation.
  • Poster-Banner-Drawing-Presentation: Create a piece of artwork or presentation promoting the value. Check out good design principles here.
  • Respect Drama: Try this
  • iPad Activity: Use Puppetpals, Toontastic, DoodleCast Pro, EduCreations etc to create a short play/story of characters showing the value. Scenes from school, at a birthday party, at sports etc.
  • iPad Activity: Create a poem exploring the value. Use an iPad app to record it for playback.
Poems to check out
Allabout Poems
  • Can you write a Respect poem with the letters of the word respect, one each at the beginning of each line?
Bible on Respect
A number of verses from the best selling book in the world, the Bible. Are these mostly for or against respect?

More Questions to Discuss
  • Top 5 people you respect outside of your immediate family. Share and discuss.
  • What others ways to show respect can you think of?
  • Why is respect so important in relationships?
  • How is respect a journey?
  • Do you think people are afraid of differences sometimes? Can you give some examples? Why do you think that's true?
  • Can animals show respect?
  • Is there anything you dislike about the way people treat each other here at school? Do you know of any disrespectful behavior? Describe it. How do you feel about it?
  • What do you like most about the way people treat each other here at school? Does it have anything to do with respect?
  • What is a bully? Is bullying an act of disrespect? In what way? Are there bullies here at school? Can someone be a bully without meaning to be? How?
  • Agree or disagree: When people stay out of a bully’s way, they are showing respect.
  • What can you do to make this a more respectful world?
  • Does respect play a role in harmonious race relations? Explain.
  • Do you think that people in our society are respectful enough of each other? Why?
  • Do you consider yourself to be a respectful person? Why, or why not? In what ways do you show respect to others?
  • How is respect related to fairness? To caring? To the Golden Rule? To violence?
  • What does respect have to do with the quality of your character?
  • When you are with a group of kids, what things might other kids do or say that make you feel good? What things make you feel bad?
  • How does treating people with respect affect your friendships?
  • Is it harder to respect someone who is very different from us? Why?
  • What are the benefits of having friends who are different from us?
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