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Leadership Thematic Unit Rich Topic
What is it that makes a person a leader? Are we talking about being a famous leader and infamous leader, leader of the boy Scouts, leader in your school a leader speaking out against injustice and organising others to do something about it?
Amongst us today are those who are leaders already, are developing their leadership skills and potentially could be written about as great leaders in the future. Remember, people can be really expert at something but this does not always make them an expert leader.
There are several characteristics that we all carry around with us, hidden and untapped quite often. These are the tools needed to become a leader, whether it's of a country, or of a small community. It takes something special to lead, rather than follow. The simple thing is, we all have these traits. All it takes is dedication, a positive attitude, and the willingness to lead. A leader isn't always chosen, sometimes they have to create the spot for themselves.
How do we go about finding our spot, though? How do we know if we are born leaders, or the hidden leader that needs a small push to get going? Everyone has a little something different that motivates them, and that is the first key to leadership.

Things leaders need
Go after what you want! You will never be a leader by sitting in a chair wishing you were one. Great leaders are called this not because of how great they were, but for all the GREAT mistakes they made on the way. It is these series of mistakes that made them into the leaders they are. Courage comes from the ability to face defeat or failure, and make it into a positive learning experience. Have the courage to go on, make your mark, and not worry about the defeats along the way.

Without confidence, you have nothing. Confidence will give you the ability to succeed at anything you put your mind to. Confidence is half arrogance and half ability. The perfect balance of the two will allow you to go forth and vibrantly stand your ground no matter what. It will give you the sense of achievement potential, but more importantly, it allows you to believe in yourself. A person that believes in him/herself will always find a way to succeed, and it's the successful that lead.

The thing about being a leader is that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE needs you. Questions are always being asked of you. Opinions are always being thrust upon you. Ideas are always being presented to you, and of course, your job itself is always there for you.
Know that as a leader, there comes the need to make personal sacrifices along the way to the top. Like when leading groups of people, you need to put in a lot of time and energy into those people.

If your brain is mush, your skills have fallen to the wayside and your resources have dwindled. Above all else, remain determined. Determination is the greatest weapon to overcoming any and all problems a leader could possibly face. Always be determined to succeed, determined to build, determined to lead.

1) Know where everything is at all times.
2) If you don't know where everything is at all times, expect problems and deal with these problems BEFORE they happen.
3) Touch things only ONCE! Never have a "To Do Later" file.
4) Schedule time to be organized. Everything else in life is less complicated if you remain organized.

More than likely you are somewhat of an "expert" in what you are doing, or you probably wouldn't be doing it in the first place. Have faith in what you are doing and use your knowledge to do more than a regular person could/would do under the same circumstance.

You need to be excited and full off energy to be a good leader.

A leader will sit down and get things done. They discipline themselves to make sure things are completed.
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