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Famous, Hero, Celebrity or well known
The "Heroes" Theme can range into a lot of different curriculum areas. It is theme that connects a number of ideas or patterns to give that sense of wonder. Who are the heroes, famous people or role models in our society? Also see our unit on leadership for more ideas.

For a unit like this TIME is important. It can have so much curriculum coverage that you can spend many weeks on it! Pupils could research an area of interest to report back on. Take them through the learning/information process, and open them up to life-long learner skills and other essential skills in the unit through matching ideas to the curriculum areas.

You can also get pupils to either work in areas that suit their "multiple intelligence" or "learning style" by selecting the appropriate activity. Remember, though that it is important for pupils to be exposed to a number of learning styles/ intelligences.
Keep in mind that these are integrated resources, always look for the connections, the sense of wonder, and let them get thinking!

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Heroes Information

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Heroes Thesaurus brave man/woman, man/woman of courage, man/woman of the hour, lionheart, warrior, knight, champion, victor, conqueror, star, superstar, megastar, idol, celebrity, luminary; ideal, paragon, shining example, demigod; favorite, darling, celeb, protagonist, principal, starring role, star part; (male) lead, lead actor, leading man, big shot, role-model, talented, gifted, able, exceptional, outstanding, bright, clever, masterly, consummate, precocious, prodigious

Other Words popular, famous, well known, prominent, famed, popular; renowned, noted, eminent, distinguished, esteemed, celebrated, respected; of distinction, of repute; illustrious, acclaimed, great, legendary, lionized; having one's name in lights; notorious, infamous

Heroes Questions

Heroes Online Bookmarks
Series of hand-screened links from the Internet about heroes. Links covering and range of information, integrated unit plans and other sub-topics within famous topic also (some overlap). When you visit the collection page type in "heroes" "courage" or "famous" to get the best links. Star rating or *** or **** and rarely ***** are either the newer or better sites.

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Heroes Banner Check out our banner for this topic. Clicking on this link will take you to banners section. Click on science section and choose the flight banner from the display. Register free here to get your free download.

Heroes Science What science can be found in Heroes? Who are your top ten scientists of all time? Why would you include them on the list? Compare and contrast your top ten with others? Any major differences?

Heroes Social Studies and Issues
Put together Powerpoint presentations, digital camera pictures and Video with other display items from your unit.. voile.. a show!

Heroes Health & P.E
Take a personality test for the person you have studied. When you really know them check out these personality and multiple intelligences online links and then communicate what you think about the results.

Heroes Technology A number of heroes have invented new ways to assist people in third world countries by using new ways of technology. Check out Glasses for Humanity as one example.

Heroes Maths

Heroes Gallery Send us digital pictures of your experiences, with a short descriptive paragraph, and we will put them on line.

Heroes Art Look for paintings and art that communicate about Heroes. Examine Media footage or cartoons of heroes in action and look for how camera angles, music and other techniques are used to make them more "stronger" or heroic. Examine photos of role models from different places to see how images are "digitally enhanced" to improve blemishes age etc. Try doing this with an image of yourself in a photo editor.

Heroes English/Language Examine the ideas of the heroes journey in books or movies. Heroes journey looks at the plot of a movie or book through the journey that the main character or hero is going on. Check it out here or through the eyes of Nemo from the movie "Finding Nemo".

Heroes Music/Drama/Dance Summarise aspects of knowledge learned in a drama/video re-enactment. Look at the music for different types of Heroes? Create your own music to go with your own re-told tale of a hero (myth or real life?). How can the music enhance the moments of action, strength and mana of the hero in your story?

Heroes Daily Activities Look for how the news report (current events) any "ordinary" heroes. What do they have in common?

Heroes Community Links: any business involved in any of the areas above.
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