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What is a Digital-Citizen/Cyber-Citizen? On this page we invite you to explore this concept.
All countries have a way to allow you to become a citizen of that place, that space on Earth. Have a think about what countries you wouldn't mind being a citizen of, other than your own country and which ones would you not want to be a citizen of? Why?
A digital-citizen is part of a community that is the largest "community" in the world. It all happens while we use any digital device to connect to other people around our own country or around the world. Everyone online has become part of the cyber community you are now a part of. Just like any country, there are good and bad things that happen in it, however there are some important differences:
  • While many countries have cyber units that watch out on the Internet, they cannot police the whole of the Internet , meaning that there are many "corners" and "areas" where you have to watch out for your own safety.
  • Things can happen quicker on the Internet than anywhere else. You can talk, send ideas across the world in an instant and get the same back. (Why not try doing a PMI on this?)
  • You can encounter thoughts and ideas that may be inappropriate very easily.
  • You will encounter people who think differently to you, have different manners or ways of looking at the world. Some of these you will learn are just cultural differences, others are things you will need to take a stand against.
A digital citizen has these main areas to think about so that they can be a "great" citizen in Cyber-space:
  • Cyber-Safety (Personal safety, computer security)
  • Digital-Etiquette (How to treat others in cyber-space)
  • Digital or Information Literacy skills (the skills and techniques that enable you to be an amazing user and creator of ideas in cyber-space)
Check out this mind-map that unpacks the ideas even more... what is missing from this and how would you rearrange it?

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