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Assess ICT Skills with Google Apps
Google Apps is a great collaborative resource. We have had Google Education Apps installed in our school for the last year and find increasing use of it. I use Apps extensively for pupil self-assessment against rubrics and collaborative documents, drawings and surveys.
The best place to start is to look at some of the documents we have prepared using this tool.

ICT Levels Form above is based on our I.C.T. Skills ladders. These allow a way for pupils and teachers to reflect on Program skills they are learning as they carry out an Inquiry or Project. They can either informally or formally assess against these. We use them to help us in our 1:1 computing programme, ict crew and within our curriculum learning contexts.
In this form, pupils evaluated themselves on an electronic mihi (they were designing banners for their personal web profiles).
Another example is the simple 'pizza' table use to collaborate on the content of designing a pizza. I wanted the pupils to concentrate on the most important content first without distraction of pictures etc. and write good copy before designing their pamphlet.
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Here is an example of the document I do my planning in. By sharing it out other teachers can contribute, read or get ideas. I will update this on occasions.

Teacher Collaboration
Here is how we review events in our school. The original spreadsheet is here, the Google Form is here. You can use forms or just straight documents for all sorts of different tracking of projects, notes or notices, minutes from meetings, school handbook etc. You will need to understand that items can be shared on different levels.
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