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Information Literacy resources
We have developed a full information literacy programme similar to BIG 6/ SAUCE etc. This model for the Information Process, is specifically based around an easy to remember acronym and using words that children relate to better. This is supported with a range of downloadable resources and online activities to practise skills.
Steps Information Literacy Resources

Reading an Internet Page

Explicit Teaching around how to read an Internet page will enable both adults and children to better understand some simple techniques to help them interact with information.
Web reading follows an 'F' shape pattern, while a normal printed page is a 'z' shape as we follow a line and return on the angle to the next line.

The resource to the above gives a good overview of how to read a web page taking notice of website navigation, buttons, contents and gives some tips on better Google Searching as well.

Judging Criteria for websites, Questions, information literacy are found in this resource below. This is part of our STEPS Information Literacy resources.
How to read an Internet or Web page.