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Integrated Values and Divinity Presentation: Divinity/Religious Instruction

LO's for Generosity: 
  • Identify what generosity is. Understand what is generosity.
  • Learn that generosity helps us collaborate and work with others.
  • Understand being a person with generosity can have PMI's.
  • How generosity can relate to a "journey"
LO's for Values:
  • That values help us to stand tall and strong when others fall over.
  • That values enable us to become people who can lead.
  • That we can see different points of views (POV) about values.
Meaning and Root Words
What can you discover about this word? 

Great Generosity Videos/Media Check out this one and decide about Christmas and generosity.

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More Movies:
Adventures of Toby (Wingclips)
Cinderella Man (Wingclips)
Generous Giraffe Song (Youtube)
Random Acts of Generosity (Youtube)
Generous boy (Youtube)
Life is a Gift (Youtube)
20 Acts of Generosity (Youtube)
Generosity Presentation(Youtube)
Happy Prince (Youtube 28min)
Homeless? (Youtube)

Media Questions/Activities
  • Use less than 30 words to retell the important message of your chosen video. 
  • Use 100 words to retell the message of the video.
  • Reflect on: How does the chosen video relate to generosity? What stops generosity in the movie? What improves or enhances generosity?
  • Take 5 pictures to tell a story of generosity.

Bible on Generosity
A number of verses from the best selling book in the world, the Bible. Are these mostly for or against generosity?

  1. Why not create a short media item (picture or movie and upload to our Media Gallery Competition for this topic.)
  2. Write in your blog about how you show generosity at home and school, in teams and in community. What could be your next step in showing generosity?
  3. Why not write a guest blog for your school or class "iNoticed" blog? Just spotting someone showing generosity and write about it. Send it to Mr Grieve for checking and publishing.
  4. What person best shows generosity? Create a Wordle or Taxedo with words that summarise their life and and achievements. Make sure generosity is large.
  5. How does generosity connect with your school-wide year theme? Write a paragraph about this.
  6. Take a Picture - Create a short 30sec video - a movie trailer Upload these to our media gallery on the topic of empathy. A picture can say a thousand words apparently - maybe even one from your class activity.
  7. Look at the generosity Quotes below. Pick one for a poster. Can you add items that will illustrate this quote further?
  8. Current Events: Bring in articles from newspapers and magazines describing situations in which generosity is being displayed. Talk/write about who is demonstrating the form of generosity.
  9. Do a PMI on generosity.
  10. Look at generosity through the six thinking hats.

Generosity Quotes
"It takes generosity to discover the whole through others. If you realise you are only a violin, you can open yourself up to the world by playing your role in the concert."
Jacques Yves Cousteau
"We're all basically made of the same stuff: generosity and selfishness, goodness and greed." Madeleine M. Kunin
“Give a bowl of rice to a man and you will feed him for a day. Teach him how to grow his own rice and you will save his life.” Confucius
More Quotes

Poems to check out

“Count the Day Lost” – by George Eliot
If you sit down at set of sun
And count the acts that you have done
And counting find one self-denying deed
One word that eased the heart of him who heard,
One glance most kind that fell like sunshine where it went.
Then you may count that day well spent.

Can you write a poem like the ones above with a simple animation. What program would you use for this?
Can you write a poem with the letters of the word generosity, one each at the beginning of each line?

More Questions to Discuss
  • Why do some people sometimes do nothing to help someone who is in need? How important is listening? Is fear a factor?
  • What are the risks and rewards of generosity?
  • Can you think of some interesting other ways to gain the reputation of being a person with generosity?
  • Why is generosity so important in relationships?
  • How is generosity a journey?
  • Can animals show generosity?
  • What can you do to make this a world with more generosity?
  • Do you consider yourself to be a person with generosity? Why, or why not? 
  • What does generosity have to do with the quality of your character?
  • Can having generosity be fun?
  • Can having generosity be collaborative?

Other Resources

Other Activities

Word Bank for Wordle
Use the words below to make a Wordle. What can you add? What will you repeat to emphasise?

generosity generosity generosity generosity generosity generosity liberality in giving or willingness to give generosity anonymous donors nobility-of-thought behaviour; magnanimity amplitude; abundance generous act freedom character mind character character generous in behaviour and temperament liberality, charity, bounty, munificence, beneficence, largesse liberality, lavishness, magnanimity, magnanimousness, munificence,open-handedness, free-handedness, bounty, unselfishness,indulgence, prodigality, princeliness bounteousness; quality plentiful large. abundance, plentifulness, copiousness, amplitude, profuseness,richness, lavishness, liberality, munificence, largeness,superabundance, infinity, inexhaustibility, opulence genus genus genus genus genus genus nobility-of-spirit nobility-of-spirit nobility-of-spirit open–handedness, liberality giving money possessions others open–handedness, liberality giving money possessions others trait trait trait higher quality greater-goodness learned learned learned learned money, possessions, time, attention, aid, encouragement, emotional-availability money, possessions, time, attention, aid, encouragement, emotional-availability altruism altruism altruism self-interest self-interest practice practice Christ Christ Christ Christ Christ recipients recipients principle principle History level level response response self self response response respond ethics ethical value value value value right wrong right assess respect cherish aspire regard attain discover opportunities, unravel-problems, gain insights, identify, identify, process vision, skills tools need continue make positive impacts in people’s-lives people’s-lives
Generosity Wordle Value Character
Generous value