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ICT Ladders for Badges
Use our I.C.T. Badges for Learning to celebrate skills and knowledge your pupils have picked up. Simply as part of before, during of after the learning task is complete ask the question - what I.C.T. tools did I use? Now get a peer or a teacher to assess and easily award to badge to celebrate.
Using the inspiration of Mozilla's badges system, in early 2012, we created a series of badges to go alongside our scaffolded series of ladders that we have long used in I.C.T. The badges system honours effort in I.C.T. allows for peer assessment at certain levels and is designed to be also used as an easy rubric system to underpin use of 1:1 or BYOD devices within learning.
It IS NOT a system to teach to, but rather a system that as a teacher or pupil learns and uses an ICT tool they can recognise aspects of what they have learned. The boys in our school already love collecting these virtual badges.
The I.C.T. Badges for Learning consist of:
  1. Four levels of badges for each skill, program or specific learning tool. We have re-designed these badges and have relaunched them within a badges system with forallbadges. This will enable easy issuing and tracking of badges via web or iPad app or Android App.
  2. A scaffolded ladder, which acts as a flexible rubric system, that pupils can use to see how they can skill-up! They also use this to test their peers. If a learner can't get an aspect one day then they can "climb" back the next for another go. See this badges blog entry.
  3. Create a place to store badges. Embedding the page of the badge Packpack in your LMS or Personal Blogs. Or a pupil's portfolio area, a place where they can "show off" and parents and friends can comment on their successes.
Badges for Learning ICT Skills Programme