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Advertising Media, TV and persuasion
Advertising and Propaganda
Propaganda Advertising Resources
The history of advertising is a fascinating blend of psychology, passion and propaganda. How intertwined and persuasive is modern advertising into our daily life?
Other Words persuade, prevail on, coax, convince, get, induce, win over, bring around, coerce, influence, sway, inveigle, entice, tempt, lure, cajole, wheedle, sweet-talk.

Advertising Unit Plan
Google Doc ICT Unit Plans

Advertising Bookmarks
Links covering and range of information, integrated unit plans and other sub-topics within this theme.
See our Advertising links, propaganda links, media links.

Advertising Questions
How does nature advertise? What are the best ads your class like? How do different ages respond to advertising? How can you prepare for a advertising? Was there a time where there was no advertising? How has advertising changed over time? What is the top 5 yellow hat and black hat thoughts about advertising? What types of advertising are there? Have the effects of advertisings changed over time? Does the country or culture you are in change the type of advertising? What is the worst advertising? How does advertising affect the environment or animals and plants? Can we find all of deBono's 6hats in advertising? What is the difference between advertising and propaganda? Do any countries or cities have ad free areas?

Advertising Gallery
Send us some pictures, poems or stories to put online. Our selection of Youtube videos- movies on this advertising are here.

Advertising Banner
PDF 4 page file. Found here at our site (Requires free registration to download here). Choose the English (literacy) section

Community Connections
Any business involved in any of the areas above. Advertising agency, retail outlet, internet web design, artists, radio stations, media students, local T.V. station, billboard poster makers or distributors, free-trade organisations (how do they balance advertising against their objectives), media watch organisations ... wherever you walk basically!

Advertising History
What have we learned from history? How have advertising changed over time? Are there advertisements today that did not occur in the past (vice versa)?

Advertising English/ Language Ideas & Connections
Put together Powerpoint presentations, digital camera pictures and Video with other display items from your unit.. voile.. a show!

Advertising Science & Technology Ideas
Investigate the biological responses that people have to advertising. What feelings do advertisers use mostly to plug into and persuade us? Look at how packaging and design are the part of a product (design a burger box, design a label etc.)

Advertising The Arts
Examine with drama and dance the feelings around advertising. Look at concepts of
Look at art through the eyes of the deBono Hats red, black and yellow.... how has the artist incorporated some of these hats in their art? Can you create your own advertising painting, expressing your feelings in the art of a advertising (will it be abstract?).

Advertising Maths
Measurement: Practical graphing, measuring, weighing, volume will all be covered in such a unit.
Statistical analysis of information. Count the space of ads in an newspaper or percentage of ads in an hour of T.V. (Does it change depending on the time of day and do you count self-promotion as an ad? What about the station logo?)

Advertising Social Sciences
Check out advertising unit.

Advertising Health & P.E.

Advertising Thinking Skills/ Multiple Intelligences
You can also get pupils to either work in areas that suit their "multiple intelligence" or "learning style" by selecting the appropriate activity. Remember, though that it is important for pupils to be exposed to a number of learning styles/intelligences.
advertising unit thematic unit persuasive
Advertising Mindmaps
Advertising Mindmap (PDF version) See Inspiration version in the "Advertising Visuals" column opposite.

Advertising Thesaurus
publicize, make public, make known, announce, broadcast, proclaim, trumpet, call attention to, bill, promulgate, promote, market, beat/bang the drum for, huckster, push, plug, hype, boost, ballyhoo, flack, demand, call, want, desire, need, requirement, trading, trade, business, commerce, buying and selling, dealing, brand

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