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Integrated Values and Divinity Presentation: Divinity/Religious Instruction
LO's for Responsibility:
  • Identify what responsibility is. Understand what is responsible.
  • Learn that responsibility helps us collaborate and work with others.
  • Understand being a person with responsibility can have PMI's.
LO's for Values:
  • That values help us to stand tall and strong when others fall over.
  • That values enable us to become people who can lead.
  • That we can see different points of views (POV) about values.
  • Root Words
What can you discover about this word? Responsible means accountable or answerable for ones actions. The word derives from the Latin word responsus meaning answer.

Media ~ Movies
Health and Values Education Posters Banners and Resources
Values lessons activites and ideas
Media Questions: Write a paragraph answer to these questions: Who took responsibility? Why do you think he took responsibility? 

  • Why not create a short media item (picture or movie and upload to our Media Gallery Competition for this topic.)
  • Watch the "Good Vibrations" movie above. Use less than 30 words to retell the important message of this video?
  • Write in your blog about how you take responsibility at home and school. What could be your next step in responsibility?
  • Why not write a guest blog for your schools "I saw something positive" blog? Just spotting someone taking responsibility and write about it. Send it to Mr Grieve for checking and publishing.
  • How does responsibility connect with our year theme? Write a paragraph about this.
  • How can I show (take action with) responsibility at home, school (class and playground) and with myself?
  • Take a Picture - Create a short 30sec video - a movie trailer
  • Do a PMI on responsibility.
  • Upload pictures or short movies to our media gallery on the topic of responsibility. A picture can say a thousand words apparently - maybe even one from your class activity.
  • Music: Create a short piece of music telling a tale of inclusiveness. Write or narrate an explanation.
  • Poster-Banner-Drawing-Presentation: Create a piece of artwork or presentation promoting the value. Check out good design principles here.
  • iPad Activity: Use Puppetpals, Toontastic, DoodleCast Pro, EduCreations etc to create a short play/story of characters showing the value. Scenes from school, at a birthday party, at sports etc.
  • iPad Activity: Create a poem exploring the value. Use an iPad app to record it for playback.

Poems to check out
Junior Reading Level
Middle-Senior Reading Level

Bible on Responsibility
A number of verses from the best selling book in the world, the Bible. Are these mostly for or against responsibility?
Other Resources
Responsibility thoughts and stories

More Questions to Discuss
  • Do you consider yourself to be a responsible person? Why? In what ways?
  • Do you consider it important for your friends and family members to be responsible? Why? 
  • Think about somebody you know who is very responsible. How does that person demonstrate responsibility? Does that make you respect him/her more?
  • What does the golden rule have to do with responsibility?
  • What is the relationship between blaming and responsibility? Think about what some of your biggest problems are in school. Do you blame anyone for those problems?
  • "My future is up to me." Do you agree with that idea? Explain. 
  • It's been said that "There are no rights without responsibility, and there is no responsibility without rights." What does that mean? Do you agree? What is the relationship between rights and responsibilities?
  • We can separate problems into three categories: ones we have no control over, ones we have some influence over, and ones we have total control over. How would it help resolve our problems to look at them in this way?
  • "You can't control what life puts at your doorstep, but you have complete control over how you respond to it." What does that mean? How can you apply this principle to your daily life?
  • What does being responsible have to do with the quality of your character?
  • What are the benefits of being a responsible person? How do you benefit from the responsibility of others?
  • Are you more responsible if you do what you are given in a better way.. to your best? Why? Why not?

Quotes on Responsibility

Words for a Wordle

What emphasis will you put into the list by the number of repeated words?
Value value value value value value the state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one's power, control, or management instance of being responsible Responsibility particular burden of obligation who responsible: the responsibilities of authority person or thing for which one is responsible A child is a Responsibility to its parents. reliability or dependability, especially in meeting debts or payments own Responsibility, initiative or authority: He changed the order on his own Responsibility. accountability, blame albatross amenability answerability authority boundness burden care charge constraint contract culpability duty encumbrance engagement fault guilt holding the bag importance incubus incumbency liability obligation obligatoriness onus pledge power rap restraint subjection trust exemption freedom immunity ir Responsibility noun: maturity, trustworthiness ability capableness capacity competency conscientiousness dependability dependableness efficiency faithfulness firmness honesty levelheadedness loyalty rationality reliability sensibleness soberness stability steadfastness trustiness uprightness distrust immaturity ir Responsibility the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone."women bear children and take Responsibility for childcare" authority, control, power, leadership, management, influence;
the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something. claimed individual group individual group Responsibility blame, fault, guilt, culpability, blameworthiness, liability Responsibility is taking care of your duties answering-for-your-actions. accountability. Choices process process process process process Choices choices choices trustworthiness. judgment. Judgment, judgment judgment freedom freedom freedom freedom Why is being responsible important living-honorably. Responsibility accountable-behavior. Responsibility dependable Right-thing Right-thing Right-thing Right-thing Trustworthy Trustworthy trustworthy