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Tips for using Scratch at school
We use Scratch for a range of activities in our ICT Programme. Here is my schools online Scratch Gallery that we are developing to show some of the best learning uses of Scratch.

Best Ways to Coach or teach Scratch.

I use a hybrid model that relies on the use of other boys who know a lot about Scratch. We usually get the boys to sign up for a Scratch account and have a look at the range of projects available on the Scratch website.
There is a list of projects on the right that gives a good overview of the different uses Scratch could be put to, so that they get an idea of the cross curriculum nature of the software.

After this, boys fall into two camps, those who just get started right away, self learn very well and use others as mentors for just in time learning. I encourage this group to always download projects that others have done that have elements of what they want to achieve and then reverse engineer the programming to use within their own projects. I tend to give them fairly free reign on their first project, although mention that it must be achievable.

The second group is those that prefer more direct teaching. This can be done through the use of self learning cards or small group sessions lead by another boy or tutor. Their goal is to introduce themselves to the range of logic blocks within each programming category, build their confidence, and then set them on the way to their own project.

My Digital Technologies - Scratch Presentations
How do you know learning is happening?
In Scratch, to put it simple, that the pupils are motivated and learning faster than the teacher is. I get amazed after introducing many pupils to Scratch, that within a few months that many are using it at levels beyond my experience.
Scratch Delicious Links (Resources, posters, tips, videos, training)
Animaiton Resources using Scratch
Scratch Curriculum Ideas
A sample Animation based on "Jennings" poetry form (Year 6 boy).


Telling a Story
A simple story.. with speech bubbles.. about a Kraken (Year 5 boy).

Pick a Path

Animation Story

Social Sciences


Alien Attack by a Year 5 boy in our Scratch club.

Soon we will have best examples under each category