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Apple Maps Replacement for iOS6

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I installed iOS 6 on a 3GS iPhone and immediately on startup was struck by increased speed… unexpected. My use of iOS 6 has been enjoyable apart from the one problem faced by many, the replacement of Google Maps with Apple Maps. While I understand the reasons behind the move, less reliance on Google for mapping which is a core feature of a cellphone these days, but I really can't use Maps here in little old N.Z., Christchurch as it is just not accurate enough. I use the NavFree GPS (different versions for different countries) for turn by turn which does a great job at an amazing price - it uses Google search and open map data. However, sometimes the Maps app with quick search, birds eye and location is what I am after, so I hunted for replacement map Apps.
I looked for accuracy and clarity of maps included, ease of use of GPS pulse on a map, calculating rout
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es and general ease of use of the App. I tested maps with place names within city and outside, including one with a recent change. Essentially data for most comes from Google Maps.
Searching for maps gives thousands of entries but here are some selected options:
  1. Add a Google Maps link by visiting Google Maps which will take you to the mobile version. Bookmark it and add to your home screen etc.
  2. Wait for the Google Map App to be released.. apparently not far away.
OR look for another App - tried searching under maps in the App store, installed a number and here are my picks.
  1. Bing App if it can be installed… not available in NZ, apparently is good. I was not able to test this.
  2. Fine Maps (version 3.1) Quick, easy to search.. quick reference to other information on your destination. (Pencil notes crashes the App each time). You can draw your own ruler on screen for distance. Uses Google Maps but can change to Bing. Route planning not that easy to use.
  3. Maps+ (version 1.3.2) (my choice) The lite version has enough to keep you happy in the main. Ability to turn GPS locator on and off in the maps and customise where your own screen buttons are. Leaves more screen available for maps, no ads or ongoing annoying reminders. Reliable.
Apps I wrote off for obtrusive ads, lack of features or poor user interface (ui): My Places, MapsWithMe, Road Tripper, MapPocket
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