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Setting up for a 1:1 school
Information about Process of setting up 1:1 programme in a school.
1:1 Learning ICT Blog
A Blog for the support and implementation of a 1:1 programme in a school.
Setting up for MacOS X Server
Quick overview of our setup within our school.
Imaging MacOS X Laptops and Desktops
Make it so easy to setup and maintain a large number of laptops and desktops within a single site.
More Free Resources
This page gives tips on the use of ICT in a school, the top suggestions from over twenty years experience in the leading of ICT clusters, in specialising in educational I.C.T. professional development and in ten years as an I.C.T. facilitator in a school building a highly successful I.C.T. integration programme.
Top Tips for ICT Admin in a School
ICT Administration elementary and primay schools