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Cyber Digital Citizenship Practical Activities

My latest resource for offline reinforcement of Digital Citizenship learning (4MB PDF). Over 20 cards covering scams, spam, Facebook and social networking, making decisions through real life scenarios. Feel free to comment below to add your own ideas for cards and I will pop them into this format and extend them.

My full Digital Citizenship resources, activities and learning ideas page can be found here.

Disasters: Flight, Freeze or Fight.

Disasters… belonging to Christchurch N.Z. means you know a little bit about earthquakes. Since September 4th 2010, at the time of writing we have had 10379 earthquakes, and as I wrote this another (3.9M and 5km deep) shook the house.. the biggest in a while. ( See for details.). So we decided to look into disasters in our school a little more. Click on the image above for the banner for our unit or here (to download get a free registration here). My I.C.T teaching and learning site has a rich inquiry topic based on this topic here.
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