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A letter to you....

Hi fellow educator

Our aim is to be in the top 10 of Educational sites and Number 1 in providing links, themes (thematic units), lesson plans, curriculum support and more through our educational links- bookmarks database.

This site has been produced by a teacher for teachers (find out more here). We want to give you access to the best free educational software, the best reference sites, and cull down the list of sites you need to visit for themes, lesson ideas and teaching resources, computer lesson plans.

We believe that information technology resources are important for teachers, that resources and lesson plans to help them need to be easy to get at and use but must also encourage full curriculum integration of the computers (ICT). We also view ICT (Information and Communications Technology- computers, mobiles, digital cameras etc) as an integrated tool that impacts across the curriculum and affects teaching styles, thinking tools, learning styles and methods. We view information literacy as being a key essential skill for the effective use of ICT (computers), and as a result have created STEPS, an information literacy model/programme, with online supporting activities, posters and teacher resources.

Free educational software must be FREE (not just demo and cobbled) and it must be tested to achieve the purpose. Our selected software is geared for ages 4-13, primary K12 areas.

This site focuses on the primary school age, K1-12 (elementary through to intermediate age Year 7/8 New Zealand.)

We have a range of values education (ethics, morality, digital citizenship) actives, lesson plans, interactive activities and resources.

Gaining access to online reference and encyclopaedias is also vital so that the reference source carries authenticity and authority. It is important that pupils using ICT are trained in information literacy and skills which includes the ability to assess web pages and web site designs, to question the information they find.

With the importance of the Internet and of Intranet design LMS and SMS we have scoured the Internet for the 'best of' in these areas also. The Intranet - LMS in a school will become the digital library revolution, just like the normal library was to books!

So cruise around... enjoy the freebies and free access to other information sites for teacher or teachers in your school. Link to us as much as you wish...

Have a great Day

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We have developed a full information literacy programme similar to BIG 6/ SAUCE etc. This model for the Information Process, is specifically based around an easy to remember acronym and using words that children relate to better. This is supported with a range of downloadable resources and online activities to practise skills.
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